Children's Hospital Mapping Session 9.23.08

Children's Hospital Mapping Session 9.23.08


Audiologic/Otologic History:

  • HEARING LOSS: Profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, initially diagnosed via ABR testing performed 4/4/07.
  • AMPLIFICATION: Following implantation of her first device, Li-Li used a Siemens Centra HP Sound Start loaner hearing aid in her left ear. Testing performed 5/28108 yielded minimal aided benefit from her hearing aid.
  • IMPLANTATION: Li-Li received the internal device of her first (right) cochlear implant on 9/28/07.  Li-Li received the internal device of her second (left) cochlear implant on 8/22/08.  Surgery was again performed by Dr. David Roberson.  Impedances were satisfactory across all electrodes and stimulation modes, and Neural Response Telemetry (NRT) results were obtained for all channels.


  • LANGUAGE: Li-Li communicates via American Sign Language (ASL) and emerging spoken English.
  • SPEECH/AUDITION: Li-Li has continually received speech/language therapy through The Learning Center for the Deaf, currently with Claire Miller.

Birth / Medical History:

  • unremarkable


  • Visual inspection: Unremarkable
  • Microphone listening check: Clear, undistorted signal
  • Impedance telemetry: satisfactory measurements for all 22 intracochlear electrodes and both ground electrodes in all 4 stimulation modes.

Threshold (T) levels of stimulation were determined by Conditioned Play Audiometry and the speech processor was programmed accordingly, with adjustments made for loudness comfort. Li-Li cooperated beautifully with mapping procedures as usual. After the initial activation of her second processor, Li-Li was asking for both of her processors together, and her mother felt as though Li-Li was speaking more than she did with only one implant.
The following maps (programs) were created and downloaded into the new left ear speech processor:

  • PI (Map#28): Backup only (First day comfort program).
  • P2 (Map#30): Quietest second day program (EDR=42CU).
  • P3 (Map #31): Slightly louder than P2 (EDR=46CU).
  • P4 (Map #32): Slightly louder than p3(EDR=50CU).

**EDR=Electrical Dynamic Range

No further instruction was necessary, as Li-Li’s mother is already familiar with equipment operation.
We will see Li-Li again in one month for additional programming of her new speech processor. This appointment can be made by calling Sarah Thomas at 781-216-2250. I would appreciate an update from therapy providers regarding her progress in developing auditory awareness and speech production just before the next appointment.

It was such a pleasure to experience this exciting time with Li-Li and her family. Should there be any questions regarding this report or if I may be of assistance in any way, I may be contacted by telephone (781-216-2155) or e-mail.