Children’s Hospital Mapping Session 9.16.09

Children’s Hospital Mapping Session 9.16.09

Cochlear Implant Programming Report
Audiologist: Melanie Buhr-Lawler, Au.D., CCC-A


  • Implant model: Nucleus Freedom CI24RE
  • (CA)

  • Speech processor in use: Freedom BTE
  • Ear/date of initial stimulation: Right (0125/07) , Left (9/16/08)


  • School program: The Learing Center for the Deaf, auditory access preschool program
  • Aural rehabilitation: Laurie Wallace, SLP 3X/wk

    • Li-Li continues to do very well with her cochlear implants. She occasionally requests breaks for her processors, but she generally likes to use them and requests to wear them.
    • The family is in the process of having one of Li-Li’s pink processors repaired/replaced through Hear Always.

    Auditory perception/speech production:

    • Li-Li and her mother were accompanied to today’s appointment by Laurie Wallace, Li-Li’s speech-language pathologist. She reports that Li-Li is speaking in long sentences (three to four words or more), and that Li-Li’s speech intelligibility is generally good. By report, Li-Li has some consistent errors: substitution of In/ for Ill, some final sound omission without visual cues, and occasional occasional/sl versus Ish! confusion.
    • Li-Li’s mother reports that Li-Li has had some discomfort (crying, saying “too loud”) with her most recent maps to specific sounds, including the dog barking and the phone ringing.
    • Li-Li takes piano lessons, and her mother reports she does very well.

    MAPPING SESSION (9/16/09):

    • Visual Inspection: OK
    • Listening Check: OK
    • Impedence Telemetry: OK

    PROGRAMMING: Appropriate levels of stimulation were determined and the speech processor was reprogrammed accordingly, with any needed adjustments made for loudness, comfort and for maximizing speech perception.

    • Response method for threshold levels: Conditioned Play
    • Response method for comfort levels: behavioral observation in live mode

    The following maps (programs) were downloaded into the speech processor:

    Today’s maps were reviewed with Li-Li’s mother. Li-Li will be seen in a week for testing in the sound booth with her cochlear implants. The new Nucleus 5 processor system was discussed briefly with Li-Li’s mother. It is not yet available to Li-Li, but she will be informed when the upgrade is possible.


    Return for booth testing in one week and reprogramming of the speech processor in 3 months. A reminder card will be sent to the family when the schedule becomes available. Appointments can be made through Sarah Thomas, program coordinator, at 781-216-2250 or

    As always, we would appreciate an update from therapy providers regarding progress in developing auditory perception and speech production just before the next appointment.

  • PI (Map#42): Backup only (Old P3)
  • P2 (Map#54): Noisy places (Autosensitivity+ADRO)
  • P3 (Map#53): Everyday Listening Program (EDR=42CU by reported comfort)
  • P4 (Map#55): Music/quiet places (ADRO+Whisper)
    Volume Control: Disabled
    Sensitivity Control: Disabled

  • PI (Map#39): Backup only (Old P3)
  • P2 (Map#48): Noisy places (AutoSensitivity+ADRO)
  • P3 (Map#47): Everyday listening program (EDR=47CU)
  • P4 (Map#49): Music/Quiet places (ADRO+Whisper)
    Volume Control: Disabled
    Sensitivity Control: Disabled