Children’s Hospital Audiologic Evaluation 9.16.09

Children’s Hospital Audiologic Evaluation 9.16.09


HISTORY: Anna Li (“Li-Li”) Quinn, age 3 years, was seen today for audiologic testing with her cochlear implants. Li-Li has a severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss identified at 13 months of age following her adoption from China. Li-Li has bilateral Nucleus Freedom CI24RE(CA) cochlear implants and uses Freedom processors on both ears.

The right ear was initially stimulated on 10/25/2007, and the left ear was initially stimulated on 9/16/2008.

The purpose of today’s testing was to evaluate Li-Li’s hearing through her cochlear implants. Li-Li was seen for a mapping session on 9/16/2009. Her mother reports that she has been doing well and has been comfortable with her new maps.

EVALUATION: (see attached audiogram)
Visual otoscopy revealed clear ear canals bilaterally. Tympanometry revealed normal ear volume, peaks of pressure, and compliance in both ears today.

Behavioral testing was conducted using conditioned play audiometry in the sound field with a second audiologist. All testing was conducted on Li-Li’s “everyday” program, P3. Thresholds with both cochlear implants together were in the 15-20 dB HL range, as is plotted on the audiogram. Thresholds with each implant processor individually were as follows:
Right Ear: 500 Hz at 20 dBHL; 1000 Hz at 15 dBHL; 1500 Hz at 15 dBHL; 2000 Hz at 20
dBHL; 3000 Hz at 20 dBHL; 4000 Hz at 25 dBHL; 6000 Hz at 20 dB HL
Left Ear: 500 Hz at 20 dBHL; 1000 Hz at 20 dBHL; 1500 Hz at 20 dBHL; 2000 Hz at 20 dBHL; 3000 Hz at 25 dBHL; 4000 Hz at 20 dBHL; 6000 Hz 25 dBHL

Word recognition testing was conducted using the NU-CHIPS picture identification word lists presented at 48 dB HL at 0 degrees azimuth. Li-Li scored 88% in the bilateral condition and 88% with her left cochlear implant alone. Further testing was not attempted today due to Li-Li’s understandable fatigue to the tasks after the long

Today’s results indicate good audibility across the frequency range with each processor individually and with both processors together. Word recognition ability was very good with both implants together, and it was also very good with the newest (left) cochlear implant alone. Tympanograms are consistent with normal middle ear function, bilaterally.

Today’s test results were discussed with Li-Li’s parents. Li-Li will be seen for a mapping session in three months.