92% word comprehension -- in each ear separately!

92% word comprehension — in each ear separately!

The (very) good news: Her “new” implant has caught up to her veteran implant and she understands and can repeat back with accuracy 92% of the stream of words rattled off to her.

The bad news part A: somehow, her left processor had been “adjusted” in advanced setting to be down at volume level 1 (pretty much as low as it goes). On one hand — she scored 92% comp with the volume turned down! On the other hand, the volume has been turned down for HOW long? UGH. No way of knowing.

More bad news, part B: that comp score dropped WAY down to 60-something % (waiting on the results) in NOISE — a simulation of what she would encounter in a typical loud classroom or restaurant. On the positive side, apparently that is with one processor turned nearly off. We’ll have to do another take on this in a couple of weeks when we go in for a new mapping.